We stop at nothing to deliver the best.

The highest quality materials. The highest standards for every process. An unwavering commitment to new product development. This is the philosophy that leads to building the best buses on the road, and keeping them there for the long haul. It’s also why we invested over $17 million to expand and enhance our manufacturing facility in the heart of the USA.

Built right

IC buses are made using quality materials and are tested to rigorous safety and efficiency standards.

Threaded body construction

We call it “threaded” because we thread the roof bows, bow spacers and drip rails together to form a protective cage around the passengers—a cage of 16-gauge steel, with side sheets attached using hard drive rivets and an offsetting pattern for added strength.

Chassis assembly precision

When you demand precision, you develop a chassis that runs true and delivers solid fuel economy with less tire wear. Here’s the proven process:

  • First, we use mirror image, pre-punched frame rails and loosely assemble rails and cross members with grade 8 bolts.
  • Next, we place the frame ladder into a frame-squaring fixture where it’s squared to within 60/1000 of an inch.
  • Front and rear axles arrive at the plant pre-aligned and are placed in an axle-squaring fixture where the suspension springs are added. Fixture building ensures that the axles and springs are parallel and assemblies are squared to within 15/1000 of an inch.
  • Down the line, after axle assemblies are added to the frame, we attach pre-balanced hubs and tires using a dyna-torque nut runner.

Chassis paint and undercoating

Protecting the chassis and underbody components from corrosion is a two-step process. First, we paint the chassis before we attach the body. Then we undercoat the body after assembly is complete to provide all underbody components with an extra layer of protection.

IC Bus is the only school bus manufacturer that applies a final layer of undercoating after assembly as standard

Diamond Logic Electrical System

It’s best-in-class, we made it first, and we continue to build on its success. The Diamond Logic Electrical System powers such features as No Student Left Behind®, exterior light check for pre-trip inspections, and automatic lights on with windshield wiper activation. Numerous programmable features are factory-installed with additional options available to meet your needs.

Interchangeable BTI Seating

Seats are the most common bus elements replaced, so we made the process seamless while ensuring maximum protection for passengers. Exclusive to IC Bus, BTI seating offers a precision die-formed seat base and a back that attaches with only four bolts. Seat backs swap out in as little as five minutes, and cushions can be raised for easy cleaning.

Connect with technology, OnCommand®

Staying on schedule, reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency. OnCommand® does it all by connecting your entire fleet and providing you with the data you need to get the job done. Compatible with any make or telematics provider, the single portal delivers comprehensive fleet management data in real time to prevent breakdowns, expedite repairs, and control maintenance costs.

Rely on support that never stops.

Maximize uptime and lower your cost of ownership. You have 1,000 service locations in North America, eight distribution centers supplying quality parts, and one number to call.