Safety is always #1

When it comes to safety, we have one goal—to build the safest, most reliable vehicles on the road. We go to great lengths to identify, develop, and integrate the latest technology and design elements into our vehicles because our reputations, and in many cases our families, are riding on them.

Electronic Stability

If technology exists to keep your driver and passengers safer, we’ll find a way to integrate it into our vehicles. Standard on all IC Buses, electronic stability control helps maintain traction on slick or icy roads, delivering more confidence during maneuvers, climbs, and descents.

Collision Mitigation

Collision mitigation technology alerts drivers of impending risks and ensures adequate separation, even when vehicles are out of view.

Crossing Control Gate

Alert nearby vehicles and pedestrians to the presence of children and provide a safer passage for your passengers as they cross the street. The crossing control gate on IC Buses features a magnetic hold back device with power pack behind the bumper to protecting it from weather, wear, and tear.

High-visibility Windshield

We’ve made it easier for drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Windshields are backlit for enhanced visibility in dark driving conditions, and switches and controls are placed intuitively so drivers can focus on the task at hand.

IC Bus Full-View Camera Technology™ by Rosco

It’s an industry first, specifically designed for school buses. IC Bus Full-View Camera Technology™ by Rosco, combined with side mirrors, gives drivers a full view around the bus so they can focus on driving while keeping kids safe. Delivering greater confidence during maneuvers and operational tasks, the technology helps to avoid information overload while providing drivers with greater peace of mind.

Leave No Student Behind® alarm system

Standard equipment on the CE Series, and available on the RE Series, Leave No Student Behind® technology sounds an alarm the instant the key is removed from the ignition. Drivers must walk to the rear of the bus to disarm, ensuring no passengers remain on board.

SmartTrac™ Hydraulic ABS System

Optimize braking with less weight and noise compared to other systems. We’ve partnered with Meritor WABCO to bring the SmartTrac™ Hydraulic Anti-lock Braking System to the CE Series—an electronic wheel speed monitoring and control system that integrates drag torque control, automatic traction control, and J1939 Toolbox diagnostics.